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Repairs Before and After

Before After


This is a customer’s ring inherited from her Grandmother.  It is from the 1890s and was brought in to be cleaned.  We told her about the prongs being worn. The new prongs will protect this gorgeous ring for years (see prongs on the picture to the left)!

This is a pair of black opal and druzy earrings.  The stones are very sensitive to heat but our jeweler was still able to attach new posts to the earrings so the customer could return to wearing them.


This customer wore their pendant to the store when she brought in some jewelry for repair. We offered to clean it but also suggested that the customer add a stone that could “drop” from the pendant. The customer told us that they always have loved natural emeralds and here is the new, redesigned piece!

In many people’s eyes, this ring was headed for the meltdown/scrap pile. But Todd, understanding the value and craftsmanship of older jewelry, saved this ring and totally redesigned it. Our jeweler rebuilt the entire head and mounting, and we were able to find a unique and rare antique cut ametrine (amethyst on one end and citrine on the other end) to set into the ring. You can find the ring for sale in our showcase today!

This gent’s ring had a worn out stone and mounting.  Our jeweler set a lavender color stone in the mounting, rebuilt the prongs on the side, and polished the entire ring like new. 

This pendant lost its stone and needed a new one to revive itself.  We decided to set a deep bluish purple tanzanite into it.  It turned out wonderful!               

This ring was also headed for the scrap pile but was saved to make a beautiful ring.  We set a raspberry colored Rhodolite garnet into it and completely redid the ring.  Notice the difference in the prongs!

This customer brought their ring in for cleaning, and much to her surprise the diamond was ready to fall out! We removed the stone and weighed it (the customer had no previous records or appraisal information on the ring), appraised the ring, and rebuilt the center head.  Notice the prongs on the before picture how worn down they are.  The new head we set into the ring will protect the stone for years.  After the appraised value of the ring was told to the customer, she was more than happy to rebuild her ring.



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